Wednesday, December 7, 2011

ASUS K50IN Camera Up site Down

Laptop Problem

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K50IN Problems + Solution :
*** Driver is not made by me, for the uploaded link below is to help out others so that they don’t need to do extra job ***
1)      Up site down web cam image :
Panic when you open your Yahoo Messenger, Skype or your camera application and you see yourself 180 degree turned on your laptop screen?
Don’t worry, your laptop camera is installed correctly. It’s your driver.
Please install the camera driver. Whether you use Chicony, D-max or Suyin, Run(Double Click) the file with the name PNPINST.
If you are not sure of which brand your laptop webcam is, just try and error to run PNPINST for each brand. If you got the correct one, there’ll be no error popup. For me, my Webcam is Chicony.
Link :

Of course you can install certain software to flip the camera, but, the problem is when you want to do
a video call to your friend. Isn't it frustrating if you need to flip your laptop. :) This guide is to fix the
problem once and for all. This problem actually occur when you reformat your laptop, this is the time
when we always forget to install something. 

2)      Can't Install ASUS Utilities ( PopUP Message says : Not ASUS Laptop eventhough you are using ASUS Laptop? This Software is only for ASUS Laptop?) :
For ASUS laptop, there’s a bunch of software called ASUS Utilities. Which contain Wireless Console, etc. This software can’t be installed if you haven’t install the keyboard filter. It will say “this software is only for ASUS Notebook”. Please install the keyboard Filter first before you install the Utilities. Also, without installing this keyboard filter, you will not be able to use the ( Fn + F1…F12 )
Link :

One more thing, there's a driver you need to install before you can install ASUS utilities... 
You need to install ATK0100.
I have prepared a mediafire links in case you don't have the ATK0100 Driver - Download

Dear readers,
 If you have others problem, kindly state it by commenting on this post, so that we can solve it together and help out other as much as we can. It's better to give than receive :).


  1. hello I want to join u for I have a laptop Asus K50IN with quite few problems.

    1. Hi... I also using ASUS K50IN and now using it to post this comment...
      What problem do you have sir???


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