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Install Sound Driver on Compaq Laptop in Windows XP (Downgrade)

Laptop Problem

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Part 1 : Install MS-UAA - Skip this step
              if you already install.
Download - KB888111
Download - SP33867
Download - KB835221

Part 2 : Download your Respective Driver
Install Audio Drivers (Mostly IDT High definition Audio Codec).
but for Compaq CQ60 series, most of the model use Conexant Smart Audio 221.

Most probably the installation will gives you error. Just ignore, it will extract the driver.

Read this message below :

1) If you already have the IDT driver, you don't need to download the driver given in this post. But if the
    driver that you've already download failed during the Force(Manual) Method, Please refer back here.

2) If you already have the audio for the windows Vista drivers then use that drivers, if it failed during the
    Force(Manual) method then please refer back to the IDT Driver listed below :

    2.1) Download - SP39671 -> Recommended
    2.2) Download - SP45100
Part 3 : Installing Audio Driver(Force Method) :

1) Open Device Manager(Windows Button + R) type "devmgmt.msc" as shown in the pictures below.

2) Below you will see there are many drivers with yellow "!", select the Audio with the yellow "!" mark,
    Right Click on it and select Update Driver.

3) Harware Update Wizard screen will appear, select No, not this time > NEXT
4.Select Install from a list specific location(Advance) > NEXT
5) select Dont search, I will choose the driver to install > NEXT
6) Select all drivers, make sure you uncheck the "show compatible drivers" box, select have disk
7) Select Browse :
8) Then browse to the directory c:\swsetup
9) Assuming you are using this "SP39671" audio. So after open the swsetup folder select the
    SP36971 Folder. If you use other audio make sure to select the folder name similar to yours
    For example you are using SP45100 then you should open Folder named : SP45100.

10) After open the SP39671, there 3 folder and select the wdm folder. For other audio driver maybe you will have the similar folder or different, Important to remember we are looking for files ended with INF extension. Here for SP39671, after open the folder select WDM folder and Select WInXP folder

11) Inside the WinXP Folder, you can see file with INF Extension. In this case = STHDA.INF
      (STHDA64.INF is for 64bit). Click Open, IGNORE the warning. then try to play some music(mp3).

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