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Laptop Black Screen - Hardware Faulty

Laptop Problem

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*** Friendly note : Please wear anti-static wrist strap when you work with laptop component, because electrostatic will damage your laptop permanently.***

Hello guys,
I will guide your through this problem. Now we assuming there is hardware faulty.

Cause :
1) Due to constant opening and closing the lid, your screen cable maybe damaged.
2) The connector might loose.

Where is the place of these connection???

Above keyboard, under your laptop speaker, and runs by the side of the screen hinge up to the back of the screen and connect at the top.

Before we get started, you should know the following :
Basically, the cable runs between the base of the laptop and the back of the screen and there are about thirty tiny wires wrapped up with tape. When I took my laptop to bits I removed this cable and re attached x4 broken wires using additional super fine wire ply and tape. The ideal would be to solder the new wire. My tip is to burn away the wire casing using a match/ cigarette lighter very briefly then rub off the plastic to expose the wire using finger and thumb.

*** If you don't have the skill level to repair broken wires then simply buy a new screen cable, when you open the laptop up there is a code under sticker on the cable. You can buy them from any good HP spare parts retailer ***

Know how to remove the damage cable? If not, please follow the instruction below :

1. Remove the battery and power cable.

2. Remove all the rubber pads from the inside of the screen to expose screws (x5) -Please don't unscrew!

3. Tip the laptop over and remove x6 sliver screws from within the battery compartment. (These screws hold on the speaker cover above the keyboard that also houses the quickplay buttons volume and power button)

4. Very carefully using a flat blade screwdriver prise off the speaker cover around the left and right hand side of notebook. DO NOT PULL COMPLETELY OFF THIS COVER UNTIL YOU UNPLUG THE ATTACHED QUICKPLAY WIRE !!!

 5. Once this speaker cover is completely removed then you will see x2 hinge covers that are kept in place with a screw on each. Remove each of the screws then gently prise off the hinge covers being very careful not to disturb the wires that run around them.

6. Next is to remove the inner screen cover surround. All the screws should already be exposed, remove them all now and them very carefully prise the casing off using a flat blade screwdriver.

7. At this point you will now see additional screws attaching the lcd screen to its mounting plate X3 at each bottom corner and x2 at the top. Remove all of these screws and this will allow access to the back of the lcd screen.

8. You now need to remove the cable which should be in plain view front and back. Firstly disconnect from above the keyboard using a screwdriver to gently prise off the clip. Next remove the plug from the inverter (a long strip of circuit board that runs at the bottom on the screen. Only disconnect the left hand end that connects to the screen cable. Once these two have been released, go around the back of the screen (helps to gently move the screen hinge forward for this bit. Remove the celloptape that holds the bottom of the cable in place, then remove the plug at the top of the screen by firsly removing the holding tape. Be very gently and pull out using both hands gently wriggly out the socket.

*** Friendly note : Please wear anti-static wrist strap when you work with laptop component, because electrostatic will damage your laptop permanently.***

At this point the cable should be free and can be gently removed from the note book for either repair or replacement. Repair is quite simple if you are handy with electronics but beware, the cables inside the black tape wrap are very very small. It is delicate work. If you can't fix then replace by quoting the code number on the cable sticker.

Refitting is the opposite of the removal, just remember to be very careful with the cable placement and when starting to open and close the lid again, do it very slowly the first time to ensure no part of the cable is trapped.


Credits to :
Baily boy from as references

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