Wednesday, December 7, 2011

File Hidden by Virus (Pendrive)

Laptop Problem

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 I believe all of us must be frustrated with the virus, worm, trojan and malware because sometimes so hard to remove and they will cause you a lot of trouble. not only you but also your friend(if they borrow your pendrive or hard drive filled with those culprit(virus.win32.vb.dg).
Our case here today is "How to make your hidden file emerge from the depth of invisibility?". Because, even though you go to Folder Option > View > Show hidden File, you still can't see the folder inside your hard drive. 
Now, lets get started.
First we use the manual method.(I prefer this method because, you can learn something instead of using software + few clicks and you end up with nothing) What i mean is, isn't it great to learn how to use command prompt?
Step 1:
Run "cmd" (alternative way to open =  Windows Button + r, type "cmd" and enter)
>>> For windows XP User, Click Start > All Program > Accesories > CMD/Command Prompt. Then follow steps 2.

>>> For windows 7/Vista, Click on the Start button(bottom left of laptop screen) and follow instruction below.


Step 2:
Type "attrib<space>f:*.*<space>/d<space>/s<space>-h<space>-r<space>-s"

Note that the "f" is your drive letter. You can change it to C: , D: , depending on which drives infected by the virus.

refer to screenshot below
 Step 3:
After you type the command, press enter. The times for this process to complete depending how big your storage and how much data inside. The larger occupied data on our drive, the longer the process will be.
 See Screen shot below.

 If you curious about the command above, you can type "help attrib" and press enter. There you can see what's the meaning behind the -s -h /d etc...
Hope this helps!!!


  1. You can use Smartdav antivirus to restore the hidden file.

    The guide above is a faster way though... :)

  2. OMG!!! Thanks a lot! Btw, why is the last picture like that??? Thanks!

  3. I have 1 software that can save you the time...
    Assuming you already remove the viruses...
    If not, this software will not do much as the virus will keep hiding your file...

    Go to this download link to download the software...

  4. Thanks!!! Really helps me... I didn't know I can use Command Prompt... BTW I'm a computer noob... Thanks!!!

  5. Replies
    1. Hello sultan,
      Please watch out for spaces between each character...
      U should type "attrib f:*.* /d /s -h -r -s" without the quote.
      Note : replace f in the command above with your hard drive / Thumb Drive / Flash Drive letter. You can check your desired Drives letter in My Computer. :)


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