Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fix Freezing(Not Responding) Mozilla Firefox

Laptop Problem

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Hi guys,

Today I want to share about how to fix a freezing Mozilla Firefox browser.

Before I start, I would like to list down the symptom of this problem.
a) Whenever I open Mozilla, and surfing no matter in web full with java things or the
plain google search, I will experience sudden freeze. But it only freeze for
5-10second then it will be fine again.

b) When Mozilla Freeze, and I try to click around, the browser window will become
white(still can't read the words on the browser) and it will say
(not responding). I just wait for 5-10 second then the freezing will go away.

c) Lately, the freezing keep increasing in frequency. Within 3-5minutes surfing, the
freezing will haunt me.

If you have the same problem as I did, then this post may be able to help you.

Note : I already try below method ;

1) Uninstall/Reinstall but no luck.
2) Clearing Cache
3) Clearing all bookmark

But, the problem still persist.

Okay guys, lets get started.
Before we start, you might want to find yourself a pen and a paper to write down these procedure as you can't use your Mozilla when we start the process of curing your Mozilla Firefox Browser. Just copy and paste to MS Word :)

Procedure :

Step 1
If you want to keep your Bookmark Item, please go to Bookmark > Organize
Bookmark or CTRL + Shift + B

Step 2
Now that you already exported your bookmark, we can continue our task.
2.1) Close MOZILLA completely. Make sure there's no "firefox.exe" running in the
process tab in task manager.

2.2) Now, open "RUN" Windows. (Windows Button + R) and type "firefox.exe -P".

2.3) A window will pop out (If firefox.exe still running in task manager process tabs,
then this profile windows will not come out.)

2.4) Now you can choose to make new Profile and Name your Profile.

2.5) After creating new profile, double click on it to activate the new profile.

3) Now, you should already fix the freezing(not responding) problem. All left to do is to
import your Bookmark to your new profile. :)

4) Same as step 1, go to Bookmark > Organize Bookmark or CTRL + Shift + B,
then click the Import and Backup Tab > Import HTML... > Find / browse the
bookmark you save earlier and open it.

If your mozilla can't open / load mediafire download page, you can also use this method... :) If and only if clearing cache doesn't help...

FINISH!!! Hope it solve your problem like it solve mine!!! Please comment!!! I need your comment to make this blog healthy... Thats all I ask from you guys... Hope you will consider leaving a comment behind... Thanks!

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Credits : M.A Rukawa


  1. I had exactly same problems as you described so tried your walkthrough and SUCCESS!

    Thanks very much - Firefox is flying again.

    (P.S. at step 2.2) there needs to be a space before the P

    1. @Ninja Pirate
      Thanks for your feedback... Glad can help you!

      at step 2.2 which you mention, it already has a space right???

      <2.2) Now, open "RUN" Windows. (Windows Button + R) and type
      "firefox.exe -P".>

      Is that what you mean???

  2. It is difficult to prove a negative -- that is if the fix works, there will be no further "Not Responding" freezes. I tried a number of fixes prior to this one, each time believing they had worked until I again saw the "Not Responding" problem. (How can you prove a random event will not reoccur?)

    So far, after about 6 hours, the problem has not reappeared, so I am optimistic!

    I must say, though, it took more than 4 hours to re-install and re-configure the Extensions I had. While some had Export/Import features, many did not. Also, I might add that many comments indicated one possible cause of the "Not Responding" error states could be a corrupted Extension, so reinstalling them might be part of the fix...

    After a longer period of stability, I will re-load my old Profile, and see how long it takes to experience the "Not Responding" freeze -- that may be a true indicator of a stable fix.

    At any rate, thank you for your post, and as I said, I am optimistic!

    BTW, has anyone tried "Waterfox"???
    It will use your existing Firefox Profile & Extensions.


    1. Hello, thanks for your comment JTG@anonymous... For me,

      I believe the source of the problem is the old profile which is the profile that have the "not responding" problem.
      So, maybe it's best for you to just move on and leave your old profile deactivated.
      Besides, what is the reason you want to use the old profile when you can import ever information from old profile to the new profile???
      + you can rename the profile...

      ^^ That is my opinion though...

  3. Creating a new Profile for Firefox did not correct this issue; it still goes into a "Not Responding" state often. Far too often -- Regrettably, I'm moving to Chrome.

  4. Lots of ThanX !
    I waste a lot of time since two days due to this snailing firefox.

    Thank you again

    1. Hi... There...!!!
      Glad it works for you!!! :)

      And Thanks for leaving a comment... Greatly appreciated...:)

  5. is there something in the air?

    I have experienced the "problem" after firefox updated itself to ver. 11 (laptop runs on vista 64 bit) only 4 add-ons used so far. Glad to find this blog as IE and Chrome just not good enough for me as a ff replacement.
    And have to say IE and Chrome just started to produce the freezing game!
    I did set up a new profile and it looks like works for the problem. Thanks!

    1. Hello Loghomery... :) Nice to hear that yor problem solved...:)

  6. I am getting the freezing problem before I even get logged onto the internet. I thought it was firefox so I tried Chrome and it will still lock up.
    It sounds like I am the same as Loghomery above.
    What is setting up a new profile? I am going to try your solution and hope it fixes it. I have had issues for the last 2 weeks of it freezing when I turn my computer on and I am getting so frustrated.

  7. Thanks. you solve my problem easily!!!

  8. This did solve the freezing problem, however - the old profile had passwords and autotext features that would be great to keep.
    Is there a way to import just that from the old profile?
    thanks for the advice!

  9. OMG!I tried everything. Been trying for hours to sort this thing out. Nothing worked for me until I tried your solution. Thanks a lot! God bless....

  10. Thank you sooo much
    You're a genius

  11. Opps! I already uninstalled now what do I do?? Do I need to install an older version? I am running Vista with XP downgrade...I think. Lol. I don't understand, What is setting up a new profile?

  12. I tried you solution yesterday & it worked great! But then today it started freezing again. :( But then again, I downloaded google starskins as my homepage instead of the aol homepage. Do you think that could be the problem??? I will try again, only leave it as it is once I complete the steps. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated...

  13. Visit at & Mozilla Firefox Support for Unlimited Tech support call Toll Free number: 1-888-702-3607.

  14. my FF now looks great and feels great, but a little warning about missing add-ons and passwords could have been nice, but doesn't matter, since i can just sync it with my other pc :P

  15. Worked superbly.
    Thanks so much!


  16. when i do the run and search for firefox.exe-P it says it is not found try again. what am i doing wrong i have windows 7

    1. Hello... Sara, apparently you didn't add space between firefox.exe and -P...
      You should write firefox.exe -p

  17. This has been a total pain for sooooo loooooong. Seems to be fixed now! Thanks a lot, Xyphor!

  18. It work but when i tried with old profile to open firefox it "Not Responding" and it's not possible to export old bookmarks. Any suggestion?

  19. It works! Thanks dude! God Bless You.

  20. Worked for me as well. Thanks, you are amazing!!! I was so frustrated with this problem, I was just about to call a professional because I had no idea what to do and I've been trying to fix it for days now. During the time firefox wasn't working, I used IE and I HATE IE to the maximum. In my opinion, firefox runs waaay faster......Thanks again:)

  21. Great solution. My problem wasn't exactly the same as described but it still fixed it. Thanks a lot. You nerds always know what to do and I will forever be in debt to people like you! Cheers.

  22. Worked greatly :) Thankyou very much :) a thanks from the deep heart :) :) :)
    i have few doubts about sync firefox profile :O i will ask it later :) Once again thanks :)

  23. No use and same as 'not responding issue continues

  24. Oh my goodness. I have been trying for 3 days to get the stupid not responding error fixed. This worked like a breeze. Simple, easy step by step instructions. THANK YOU!!!

  25. It didn't work for me sorry.
    Beside, I wonder how IE could get affected by a change on FF profile ?
    Thanks for y our help.

    1. This method is specifically meant for FireFox... :)

  26. Thank you, works great.

  27. Nice one, there is actually some good points on this blog some of my readers may find this useful, I must send a link, many thanks.

    To get mozilla firefox support,Please visit the link.

    Lacy Brown

  28. What happened to the MS word link?

  29. Very easy steps to follow and very nicely executed to make user understand the steps clearly.

    Mozilla Firefox Technical Support

  30. Awesome resolution. Cheers :)

  31. didn't work for me. Started happening again immediately. And it lost all of my remebered web sites, Userids/passwords, etc.


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