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How to check Streamyx SNR Margin and Line Attenuation reading?

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Firstly, what you need to know is the measurement and what is the meaning of each number you see. Refer below.

How to know which interval is good???
For SNR Margin:

If your SNR reading is equal or less than 6dB
- bad connection/frequent disconnections(Disconnected in 1-5 minutes) or can't connect at all

If your SNR reading is between 7dB - 10dB
-Consider average connection but still have disconnection issue

If your SNR reading is between 11dB - 20dB
-Good connection with no connectivity problem

If your SNR reading is between 21dB - 28dB
-Excellent line quality

If your SNR reading is greater or equal to 29dB
-Fantastic, never worry about anything!

For me, 11dB-13dB is good enough and you can already connect to the internet without disconnection issue/problem because my house distance is greater than 5KM from the nearest TM. *** For you to achieve SNR reading above 20dB, your house distance from the exchange point(Nearest TM) must be less than 5KM.*** 

There's one more thing about Streamyx Line, that is the Line Attenuation, below is the interval guide line (Basically, Line Attenuation is opposite to SNR margin value) :

For Line attenuation:
Greater than 60dB
-Bad Line Quality

Between 50dB - 60dB 

Between 40dB - 50dB

Between 30dB - 39dB

Between 20dB - 29dB

Less than 20db (your house must be very near with TM)

How to check this information ???
1) First, make sure you connected to your Riger Modem(wired/wireless). 

2) Open your browser and on the address bar, write "" without the quote and press enter.
*** Note that the192.168.1.1 is common ip address for Riger modem or any modem for streamyx ***

3) You should see the login page. Now fill the Username and Password Field. "Username : tmadmin ; Password : tmadmin"

4) Now, you should be seeing your modem information. Don't change anything, just browse through every tab. Because different Modem will store the Line Attenuation and SNR Margin in different tabs. 
*** Note : Please make sure that you are connected to the internet, if not, the SNR Margin and Line Attenuation field will be blank. ***

5) Compare your modem reading with the information I give earlier.

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