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Games not full screen on laptop with Intel Graphic Accelerator

Laptop Problem

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 Dear readers,

I'm sharing a new tips for you today as all of the solution I see on the internet was about fixing a laptop with ATI Graphic Card or NViDIA Graphic Card. For those who have the problem with their games which didn't stretch fully, but they have Intel Graphic Accelerator, you might want to follow the steps below. I hope it works for you as it is for me. :)

Step to follow :
1. Go into your Resolution options.
( You'll want to know what resolution is native to your game )

2. When you have changed the resolution to what you need, Click Advanced Settings.

3. The top tab should say something like "Intel(R) Graphics and Media control panel", Click it.

4. Go to the scaling drop tab and select "Scale Full Screen" and Apply it.

5. Go back to your Resolution options and set the screen back to your preferred Resolution Settings ( mine Is 1920x1080 )

6. Test your game to see if it worked.

Should be fine now!


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  1. Please ! i have the same problem !! but i dunno what to do !! i,ve followed ur steps but at point 3 i couldn't find the (Scaling) i didnt find this one !

    my laptop type : HP Intel core i5 G6 (Windows 7)

    Graphic card = Intel(R) HD Family Card And Media Control Panal

    what should i do ! please help

  2. all you have to do, is from the desktop, change your computers resolution to 1024x768. Then right click the desktop again, graphics options, panel fit, and select scale full screen.

    When you do this, the 1024x768 resolution will have boxes on the left and right. That is how you know you got it right. You then change your resolution back to it's recommended setting, and the boxes go away. After that, when you play a video game, it will be full screen.

    Works for me like a charm

    1. Thank you it works this way :)

  3. UPDATE : Proven Work, in vista,

    Go to Start, control panel
    Then your graphics card for me its Intel GMA Driver For mobile
    Then go to the Display settings
    from there set your Screen resolution to 1024x768
    Your Screen will be weird but it will work!!!

  4. I tried what you suggested and it does not help. Regardless of what I set the Media Control Panel scaling option to, as soon as I open any game it resets to "Center Image". If I have the Panel open when I run the game then when I quit out of the game I can even SEE the Scaling option changing from "Center Image" back to my setting of "Scale Full Screen". If you know some reason for this I'd appreciate you telling me. I have seen posts elsewhere that seemed to imply it might be a setting in Windows 7 somewhere? Thanks a lot!!!!

    1. Hi rlowy86,

      Before you do all the steps above, do you already lower your resolution first? For example : For me my native(Highest possible resolution(recommended) that I currently used is 1366x768) I need to lowered it into 1024x768.

      BTW, what is your laptop model + brand?

    2. I have 1 question.
      I want to know whether the black bar only appear to certain game or all game?

      If it appear on all game,
      Other solution that you can try... Tell me your progress... (Though I think 80% probability you've already done this).

      1) Uninstall your Intel Graphic Accelerator from Device Manager. Restart and Reinstall(latest driver if possible). > Repeat the steps in the post.

      If that doesn't work,
      2) Update Directx Runtime or
      3) have you tried changing the your Intel Graphic Accelerator setting while you are in-game mode. Try hit Ctrl + Alt + F11 but be sure that your Hot keys in graphics properties is enabled.

      If you happen to solve it using different method, I would appreciate if you can share it here...:)

  5. First things first. I did try the lower resolution trick, it didn't help. My model is Dell Inspiron N7110.

    Now. I found the issue on any program that does not have the option to use my full resolution of 1600x900. This is for either those that are too old to have support for that resolution or those (Plants vs. Zombies is the example that I know) that do not allow you to select resolution but instead use the highest 1:1 ratio that can fit on my screen, in my case 900x900.

    1)I have tried uninstalling and using the latest drivers both from Intel and Dell. I have a Nvidia card that is dedicated and is used with the Optimus system, but the scaling options are controlled by the Intel card, and even so I got the latest driver for that.

    2) I'm not sure what you mean by updating the Directx Runtime but every time it installs a new game Steam makes sure to install Directx and I installed something not too long ago.

    3) The Hot Keys do work which just goes to show that the sacling options do work, the only problem is that if the game then queries the graphics card about resolution (i.e. when it changes screens or areas) the Intel card reverts back to "Center Image". The most notorious offender of this is KOTOR in which the videos are defaulted at 800x600 even when the actual game is set to a different resolution. When scaling worked this still stretched them as much as possible. Now every time it switches from video to game and sometimes even in the game when I switch areas, it reverts to "Center Image. While you're right that it doesn't make it impossible to get the settings the way I want them, It is a hassle and annoyance to have to reset them every five minutes.

    I did find one other halfway fix which is to run the program in windowed mode, set your resolution to the one the game is running in, and then set the scaling option. For some reason as long as you keep it in windowed mode the scaling option that you set it to will stick, but as soon as you switch back to fullscreen it will revert to "Center Image" once more. The problem with running it windowed is that the status bar at the top of the window and the Start bar at the bottom of the screen make it so the window cuts off part of the game, resulting in missing any part of the game that is up there (in KOTOR this is all of the menu options and party status icons), as well as resulting in the game detecting the mouse cursor as being about 2 centimeters above where the cursor actually is.

    I did see on a different forum that about three years when windows 7 was still in Beta, many people reported a similar issue when they switched from Vista to the Beta on their ATI cards, and they claimed it was an issue with 7 being compatible with the ATI driver software. Later on however they seemed to be reporting that the compatibility issues were fixed. I do know that I ran many games on my old Vista computer and it was only when I upgraded to 7 ON THAT SAME COMPUTER that I first saw this issue. At the time I searched around and the best I could find was that there was some known bug where the Intel Control Panel selected a "Default" setting at random from the three scaling options and would not change no matter what you set it too. This is now the second computer that I have 7 on an Intel card and two years later I still have the same problem. Sorry to rant but maybe you can understand where I'm coming from.

    1. Hmmm... Even if the game doesn't support your native resolution(1600x900), it will still stretched... I play Resident Evil 3 at a resolution lower than 640x480 and the game still strecth.

      Do you play any new games? I mean games like Counter Strike(source or CZ), Crysis, Warcraft III, etc)... Do they have same problem with the resetting setting of you intel Graphic?...
      If they didn't have the problem... then the problem from your game.

      What you can try is, Right Click on your game Shortcut > Properties > Under "COMPATIBILITY TAB" > Tick
      1) Run as administrator
      2) Run in 640x480 screen resolution
      3) Disable display Scaling on high DPI settings

      If above doesn't work...
      and try changing the
      Run in compatibility mode...
      Windows XP SP3 (try changing the other windows option)

      BTW, just to let you know, I also keep looking for a good solution for you... Now, we just try any method founds... Your graphic device so stubborn...hehehe...

      at no. 2,
      do you have 2 graphic hardware? Can you open NVIDIA setting?
      If so, have you tried changing the NVIDIA setting??? If can, change both NVIDIA and INTEL...
      ---Look at comment section---

      I'm sorry if i'm late replying.. I'm having my REAL ANALYSIS Paper today... :)

    2. No prob I know what it's like to have big papers. It's not urgent so you don't need to respond immediately, I'll just keep checking back here.

      I do have some newer games, half-life 2 and hl:source and both have support for my resolution. I have the Starcraft Battlechest and that fills the screen properly, although I don't know whether that's stretching or if it has support for my resolution and I can't find any sort of settings to test it with.
      I'm not sure how new you want but I do have several Pop Cap games like Bookworm Adventures and Plants vs. Zombies that are not too old and as I said only use 1:1 ratios and don't stretch.
      Finally, as I said the scaling options are controlled by the Intel card which means that there isn't even a tab for scaling options in the Nvidia control panel. If you know some way to turn them back on I'd be glad to hear it.
      Also I've tried messing around with all the copatability settings and haven't seen any results. Thanks for the suggestions though.
      Thanks a bunch and good luck on your paper.

    3. From what you said, games such as counter strike, half life and other high graphic quality runs correctly and fits the screen right??? So, the problem is not with your graphic hardware.

      I found a way on how to set plant vs zombie to full screen...
      (WIndows Button + R then type REGEDIT)
      The registry holds the settings for fullscreen/window.
      Popcap non-steam version:
      Steam version:
      [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SteamPopCap\PlantsVsZom bies]
      Change the screenmode to 0 for window, and 1 for full screen, example:

      If your game cause the problem... you can just google the solution for the specific game that can't stretch...


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  7. Plants vs. Zombies actually has an option in game that switches from fullscreen to windowed and that's all that the registry changes. The problem is that it's still stuck in 1:1 ratios and it still won't stretch.
    I checked in Half-Life: Source and it stretches fine on lower resolutions but it also has settings for resolution 1600x900, so maybe that's what's causing the difference. Is it possible that only programs created with the possibility of the resolution will stretch that far? Correct me if I'm wrong but why would you want to stretch the screen if you could use your native resolution? Makes scaling kind of redundant doesn't it?
    The problem with that theory is that as I've mentioned, on my old computer I got all these programs to stretch, and it was only when I upgraded that computer to Windows 7 that I started having problems. It really does sound like there's something in the windows registry or system files that is causing this problem. Oh well, thanks for all the help.

    1. rlowy86
      Answering to your question "why would you want to stretch the screen if you could use your native resolution?"...

      Not all laptop/computer can play a game especially high graphic game(which is heavy) at maximum resolution. Some people will prefer to choose 1024x768 resolution because beyond that point, the game will become laggy.

      Only high spec computer can play at maximum resolution(even so, I doubt people will choose highest resolution setting in their game). People always choose lower resolution than their PC/Laptop Native resolution to have a great gaming experience. :)

  8. actually you can just uninstall the graphic driver, that works for me, i am using win7 ultimate and it works for even super old games,
    well i don't prefer that way tough so i just looking for another option to solve this tiring stuff..
    i am trying to play an old games which has 640x480 resolution and i found no option so far but to uninstall my graphic driver, anyway i am using intel mobile as well

    1. Thanks for the reply... and thanks for the alternative solution that you share with us... I'm sure it will benefit others...

  9. Hello
    I am desperately trying to find a solution to this problem.
    My laptop has an i7 processor and a nvidia 540m 2gb graphics card.
    The game I am struggling with is Battlefield 3, my laptops native resolution is 1920x1080, but I tend to run games at 1600x900 for performance reasons.
    Basically I never had a problem until recently, BF3 happily displayed 1600x900 as full screen, until about two months ago where for no apparent reason it displays the 1600x900 at actual size in the 1920x1080 display - not using the whole screen.
    I believe the problem lies with the intel graphics as there is nothing in nvidia control center to alter image scaling, as the display is effectively run through the intel graphics.
    All other games run full screen - I have skyrim set to 1600x900 and it runs full screen just fine.
    I have checked the scaling settings in the intel control panel, and in windows at 1820x1080 it only has 'maintain display scaling' as an option. I have lowered windows' resolution to 1600x900 and made sure scaling is set correctly, but when I bump back up the resolution and start BF3, it still doesn't stretch to full screen.
    So if anyone has any suggestions I'd be very happy as I believe I've tried everything!

    1. Hello... you mentioned about other games working perfectly and running fullscreen right?

      In my opinion, the problem is not caused by your graphic card...

      suggestion : Try asking in the BF3 Forums...

  10. Thanks a lot.This was the only trick that helped me

  11. I've discovered that if you try doing the trick for three hours, eventually it will work and it will scale up screen. There is no fault in the computers ability to scale - rather the computers ability to upscale whilst in game. If I run shogun and use the ctrl+f11 trick it will give me a black screen. I believe this to be a fault on Intel's behalf: it does not appear that what we are using to upscale our native resolutions to full widescreen in games works consistently (if at all) whereby Catalyst users do not pertain to this problems running the same system specifications.

    Furthermore, using a big external TV, I have the F11 options running at native resolution. Then I do not get the aforementioned 'black screen whilst switching' issue, instead the black bar just sits there. Like a glove.

    Keep digging everybody, I'll hang around. Starcraft II works - no problem. Shogun 2 does not - big problem [:(].

  12. Same person as above - anybody wanting to do a factory reset to see whether or not running the inherit drivers solves the issue? I'm going to download the latest driver updates THROUGH HP's website and see if that solves the issue.

    I want to play Fall of the Samurai dammit.

  13. Again me - HP has updates on the website which were NOT downloaded via the, uh, autoupdate thingy. Use their website to very easily determine your drivers. I have a huge 350mb graphics beast to download. Will keep posted.

    Mac. C :)

  14. When all else failed, downloading the ATI drivers and NOT the latest Intel ones did the trick for me! :D Yay!

    ~ Same person as above

    1. OMG!!! Sorry for the late replies... I actually surfing on the net to help you find an answer... But, it seems like you already figure it out... :) Thanks for sharing your infos... I'm sure all of us here grateful for the solution... May I know your PC/Laptop Model???

  15. Thanks for the worked for me ;-)

  16. wow this solved my problem thanks

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  18. thanks a worked for me

  19. Worked great! Thanks :)

  20. Man i was going crazy!!!! Thanks to this simple trick i can enjoy BF3 without fight with the resolution all the time ... Thanks a lot!!!

  21. I think you are doing a great job. You did things the right way from get go by launching it properly. We can learn a lot from you


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