Thursday, December 8, 2011

Black Bar On left and Right of screen - Games not full screen

Laptop Problem

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Hi guys,

I believe most of us who use Laptop with any ATI Graphic Card will face this problem. Which is When you run your game for example Warcraft III or any game with fullscreen mode, the screen didn't stretch and you can see black lines with the width about 3CM on the left and right of your games windows. This is caused by your graphic card setting which force your games to run under the specified aspect ratio.

Refer picture below if you don't understand what I meant about the game run under Aspect Ratio.

I want to tell you a same problem as the above that i have with my Compact CQ40 with ATI Radeon HD3200 as the Graphic Card.

Usually the problem occur with the Laptop with ATI Graphic Card, i just don't know why. It happen to me when i'm reformated my laptop from windows XP to windows 7. The option is "greyed" in windows 7 when i open the ATI Catalyst centre. Even though i installed the latest driver, the problem still persist.

Finally i have the solution while googling for something in the net.

Step 1 : Change your desktop resolution from the highest to lower resolution.
For windows 7, go to Start> Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display > Look On the Left of the windows and Click "Adjust Resolution". Then on the "Resolution" menu, Set your resolution to "1024X768" and click "Apply" > "OK". Refer Picture below. (should be the same for Win Vista)

Step 2 : Open you ATI Catalyst Centre
Look on your taskbar. Taskbar is located on the bottom of your laptop screen. Contain Start Button, Clock, etc. Now, look on the left of your laptop clock. and click the small "upward Arrow". Refer picture below. and Double click on your ATI Catalyst Centre ( Red In Color ). The main page should opened for you.

Step 3 : Choose "Advance Setting" and click "NEXT"

Step 4 : Choose Desktop & Display
You should see a laptop screen figure at the bottom of the ATI Catalyst centre windows. If not, it may be in different tabs. Try to find the laptop screen icon/figure. Refer Picture below. If under the Desktop & Display doesn't have the windows that look almost like below, try to find it in different tabs. As, for different ATI Graphic card may have different setting board. :)

Step 6 : Now that you see the laptop screen figure/icon at the bottom of the ATI catalyst centre windows, right click on it and choose Configure.

Step 7 : Now the, option of the setting of your laptop screen shouldn't be GREYED anymore because you already change your laptop resolution to a lower resolution earlier right? thats the key actually.

Step 8 : There are 3 option now and it doesn't greyed out. Now you can choose the Fullscreen option. And Click APPLY. And your done!!!

*** Note that different laptop have different type of ATI Catalyst Centre but the pattern is the same. I also found this problem in my Laptop with NVIDIA GeForce102M. The pattern of solving is almost the same ***

Once you done this a few times, you will not have anymore problem. Hope this helps!!!



  1. Thanks for this great guide... Works for me...
    :) Thumbs UP for you!

  2. This is for NvIDIA Graphic Card,

    If you have NviDia Graphic Card,

    1) Lower your laptop resolution.
    2) Go to the graphic card control panel and change the resolution setting ->Fullscreen (Just experiment on each screen / resolution setting as they may differ each version).

    >>>How to go to your NVIdIA Graphic Card Setting?
    Usually, you can just right click on your desktop then it should be on the menu(usually put on top of the list).

    3) Change back your laptop resolution to highest.
    Should be able to solve your problem

  3. Complete Guide for NViDIA Graphic Card user...

    First and foremost, please change your monitor resolution to a lower resolution. example:
    my monitor resolution: 1680x1050 ---> change it to: 1600x1024

    Then :
    1. go to your nvidia control panel: right click desktop --->nvidia control panel

    2. now go to display ---> adjust desktop size and position

    3. you will see this options:

    when using a resolution lower than my display's native resolution...
    ° use NVIDIA scaling
    ° use NVIDIA scaling with fixed aspect-ratio
    ° use my display's built in scaling
    ° do not scale
    4. the solution is to use NVIDIA scaling.
    5. after you gotta change your resolution back to normal(Your PC or Laptop resolution before you lowered it).

  4. where i can download ati catalyst for compaq cq40?

    1. where i can download ati catalyst for Compaq cq40 windows 7?

    2. Hey if you have nvidia g103m gpu then u and i have same laptop
      Go to your nvidia control panel and do as instructed in the above comment

  5. Hats Off Bro....
    I was in pursuit of this for a loong tym...
    and tat too even after working with HP for all this while...

    Reducing the resolution to 1024*768 is the key
    and after changing the scaling to full screen on 1024*768 , u can still come back and set the res back to 1366*768 and it wud still work...

    KUDOS....u ROCK..!!!!

  6. Thanks for this wonderful post and hoping to post more of this blog here. I am a newbie and your success is very much an inspiration for me.

  7. Black screen issues are very common in computers. These can be sorted out by experienced technicians very quickly. We run a service center and posts like these regarding black screen issue are very useful for our entire team. Thanks a lot.

  8. Black screen issues are very common in computers. These can be sorted out by experienced technicians very quickly. We run a service center and posts like these regarding black screen issue are very useful for our entire team. Thanks a lot.


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