Saturday, December 10, 2011

Software to record mouse movement :- Ghost Control

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Hello guys, do you know this software? This software is for recording your mouse movement including Clicks and really great for repetitive task.

For me,
I'm playing web rpg games which needs so many clicking to be done and it's just too annoying and too boring if you ask me. I get boring so quickly when doing such repetitive thing over and over again. So, I search for a software that can record my mouse movement and Clicks.

When I search the keyword "software to record mouse movement", I found so many software that are able to do such thing but why I choose this software (GHOSTCONTROL) is because this software is USER Friendly, means even without guide, you can understand how it works easily.

If you download a trial version, you still can use this software, but you only can record your mouse movements for 30 second which is good enough for me.

In this blog, I only gives you the links for the trial version.
Click HERE for the download page. -> Version 3.0.0
Click HERE for the download page. -> Version 3.0.6

Thanks!!! If you have any inquiry, kindly post a comment.

*** If you have any question or inquiry about this software@_@ on how to get full version, Email me at ***

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