Saturday, December 17, 2011

REFLOW Laptop, PS3, XBOX without opening your device

Laptop Problem

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*** Friendly note : Please wear anti-static wrist strap when you work with laptop component, because electrostatic will damage your laptop permanently.***

This guide is meant for LAPTOP that still can run, only the Screen is Black

Hi guys,

I'm sure you ever heard of REFLOW process. You can find the meaning of the word REFLOW if you search it on google. Reflow is the technical term of melting the solder used on the motherboard and make the component re-attached to your motherboard again so that the circuit will again be completed - means that power will once again run through the veins
of your laptop.

Even if you look carefully on your motherboard, you can't detect any solder that already degrade because it's very small and can't be seen by naked eye. So, today I will show you on how to do REFLOW process without tearing your laptop apart. But, please check thoroughly and make sure the problem is not caused by BAD Hardware. You don't want to waste your time doing this and not know that maybe a BAD RAM is the cause of these black screen problem all along from the very beginning.

Proceeds on your conscience and not that I will not be responsible for damage done to your laptop when you try this method. Please don't assume that this method will work 100% and cure your laptop illness.

Okay, if you satisfied and ready to go, below is the instruction.

Before we start the process, you will need to have these things infront of you. 
1) A Bubble wrap - If you don't have this, you can use towel instead.
2) A Sticky Tape
3) A little courage

Bubble wrap

Okay, now we are ready to go.
1) Remove your laptop battery.
2) Take your sticky tape, and seal all of the air vent of your laptop.
3) Wrap your laptop with the bubble wrap that you prepare earlier-only the bottom part of laptop not including LCD screen..
4) After wrapping your laptop, turn it on and let it running until overheat. The laptop will automatically turned off if your laptop overheat.
5) Let your laptop cooldown for at least 30 minutes, and you can remove all the bubble wrap and sticky tape.
6) Your laptop should be able to start without the
                                                                                       black screen problem.

7) No one know the exact range of time that this solution can last before the same problem come again.
Please see picture below to know which part of laptop that you need to wrap.

Seal all the laptop air vent using the sticky tape.

Wrap your laptop like this.
The logic of these method or solution, is, when you wrap the laptop and turn it on ( Let it run until it turned off automatically ) you can imagine the heat that accumulate inside the laptop. Thus, this heat might melt the solder on the motherboard and in other word, it will complete any incomplete circuit. So, thats basically the thing about this method that I've discussed above.

Comment if it works for you. It's great to know this can be a help to someone.

Credit to : which is my references.

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