Sunday, December 11, 2011

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Dear all,

A fast typing is essential skill for all people. Just imagine what you can get when you have a fast typing ability. If you have fast typing ability, you can earn some extra cash by offering the typing service. Many company or individual interested to hire a typist to help them type their assignment or key in data from their research.

In addition, when you have speed typing ability, you can finish your work in no time and it will surely helps you a lot when you are applying for a job. Of course your boss will choose you, who can do fast typing rather than the other candidate without the ability.

So, why not try out these software that I list out below to assist you in your practice to gain the ability of speed typing.  All these software is freeware and guess what, you can practice anytime and with a considerable practice session, you can type fast in no time. So what are you waiting for? try it, feel it, and be a great typist.

Software 1
Rapid Typing Tutor - Great for novice typist.
Software price : Freeware

Software 2 
KeyBlaze Typing Tutor 
Software price : Free

If you have the interest of doing practice online you can go to below link. You can also set your schedule of training and see your improvement through sets of test.
Typing Tutor Online 
Typing Master Online Typing Tool


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