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Streamyx Problem - Frequent Disconnection

Laptop Problem

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Hi guys,


I know that this problem is a pain in the ass problem, because I already experienced this. When I apply for Streamyx for the first time, they give me a wired modem ( I need to use LAN wire to connect my laptop and PC to the modem ).
For your information, the modem TM contractor gave to me was Riger.

Here's my problem for the first modem.

*** Friendly Reminder : Please check that there's no other telephone in your house connecting to your house wall socket as i know some house have more than 1 telephone wall socket. Streamyx modem can't connect to the internet if there's other devices(telephone) connected in parallel with it. all telephone must be connected from the splitter *** 

I have frequent disconnection issue. When I say the word frequent, I mean my internet connection was never be able to connect and stay stable for more than 30 second, sometimes maximum connection time is 5 minutes. This happen during daytime(As people says the telephone cable(on the pole) is getting longer during daytime because of the heat from the sun(Physic). So, this may decrease your SNR (Signal to noise Ratio) and increase you Line Attenuation reading.

For a Streamyx user who encounter this problem,
Here what I do,

1) I try to bypass the splitter and connect my modem directly to my house wall socket. ( Splitter is the small rectangle box which connecting your Home Telephone and your modem )
See image below :

Step 1 worked for me as the SNR Margin increase and no more disconnection occur. So I know my splitter is the problem and I change with a new one(try to find splitter with high quality).

2)  Try to change your Telephone jet(small cable connecting your modem to the splitter and wall socket. If still doesn't solve your issue,

3) Check if your house wiring more than 5 years, it also may cause you a problem.(your wire may be damage by weather or other causes). Change a new cable from the Telephone Pole to your house and change also your wall socket.

4) If the above steps doesn't solve, call 100, or directly call the TM technician(FOC) not the contractor as they will charge you. If you want them to work fast, call and remind them everyday.

Second ISSUE

This happen when I change my MODEM to a WIRELESS RIGER Modem from a Wired Modem. It may sound silly, but this is what happen to me. I thought there'll be no more disconnection issue because I already solve my disconnection ISSUE while I'm using the wired modem.

After I change my MODEM to a wireless modem, I can't have a stable connection at DAYTIME starting at 8a.m until 7p.m and I always get disconnected from the internet within 30 second or maximum 5 minute after i connected to the internet.

SEE my SNR Reading at daytime.

Funny thing is, after 7p.m daily, I have no disconnection issue. (Means that I can conclude that the source of the disconnection problem is not from my wiring, telephone jet) because at night the connection was great.

So, how i solve my second issue,
1) I call 100 and speak to TM Staff. Make sure you mention all steps you already make like in my FIRST ISSUE. Because, they will ask you to do the same thing.

2) Let them know your SNR Reading and Line Attenuation Reading.

3) Sometimes they will reset your port from their office. They'll ask you to restart your modem. (This doesn't solve my problem).

4) Lastly, I ask them to send their Technician to go to my house and check the necessary thing. I call them daily. So they send a Technician only about 3 working days. The Technician climb on the Telephone pole and do something (I don't know what) but after that, the connection was splendid and MY PROBLEM SOLVED!!! Never have a disconnection issue again even though my house distance from the exchange point is more than 5KM.

Please take the Handphone number of the technician as you can save your time to call them instead of calling the 100.

The fastest way is to ask the technician to come but TM have their way of doing things, must go trough this first and then that and that... Never ending protocol.

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