Monday, January 16, 2012

Can't Install ASUS Utilities

Laptop Problem

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Dear all,

Today I want to share about the problem I encounter after I formatted my ASUS Laptop... FYI, I do all the format thingy on my own. It saves me a few bucks. My laptop is ASUS K50INseries. I have a CD Driver for this laptop but it only for VISTA and XP. So, I need to find the driver for windows 7 on the internet...

After I finished installing all the basic driver(I guess-I do like usual), I tried to install the ASUS Utilities such as FAST BOOT, WIRELESS CONSOLE etc. But an error pops out. It says "This software is for ASUS Laptop only". So I can't Install. ???NOT AN ASUS LAPTOP??? So what LAPTOP is this???

The cause of the problem is actually I forgot to install one tiny thing that is the KEYBOARD FILTER. After I install that, the software then recognize my laptop as an ASUS Laptop.

2)      Can't Install ASUS Utilities ( PopUP Message says : Not ASUS Laptop eventhough you are using ASUS Laptop? Error Message : This Software is only for ASUS Laptop? ) :

One more thing, there's a driver you need to install before you can install ASUS utilities...
You need to install ATK0100.
I have prepared a mediafire links in case you don't have the ATK0100 Driver - Download

Note : Don't underestimate small file. It can cause your laptop goes crazy... :)


  1. you ARE AWESOME !

  2. Good trouble's share doode !



    1. Hello Pico, having the same problem??? :)

  3. hi pls. help me..

    when i opened my laptop there's a message that says i need to install a atk0100.. i don't know what to do, and i don't know is that for?

    1. Hello yza,
      Sorry for the late reply...
      Try download this
      this is the latest version of atk0100 driver.

  4. same problem to asus model K84L win 7 32 bit.pls help


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