Friday, January 13, 2012

Acer Laptop White Screen

Laptop Problem

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Dear Acer Users,

I have a friend that using acer notebook for a few years but doesn't even came across this white screen problem. While my other friend who are using acer laptop came across this White Screen just only after 6 months after he bought his notebook. So, there's no proof that every Acer notebook will have this white screen of DEATH. Its all depends on your luck, how you take care your notebook and how you use it(time, frequency etc). 

   I still remember when a salesperson said to me, "no one can tell if this certain product is a defect or not, you will just need to try it by yourself". Maybe there's a truth behind the words he said. What we can do as consumer is go claim the warranty if it goes bad or buy a new device if warranty ended. Ok. Back to our topic, about Acer White Screen problem. As I said earlier, there's no proof that said all acer notebook will have whitescreen. But, most of the cases comes from acer notebook, its synonym now. :)

   A wise choice is always determine what your problem really is before making false
assumption. What I mean is try to connect your laptop with external monitor just to ensure that there's nothing wrong with your laptop motherboard. If the same white screen showed up, maybe your motherboard need to be replaced. But, if it appear to be fine, its your LCD or the Cable or the Connector is the culprit.

    What cause the white screen? Some say it happen because of the Cable Connection from the LCD to the Motherboard loosen as time goes by. There's a truth behind it as well. After all, if you are heavy user(everyday must open your laptop), the probability that this cable connection to loose is high.
What you can do :
1) Turn computer off and push screen all the way back.
2) Remove cover where the power button is completely.
3) On the left hand side there is a black pouch like thing.
4) Tap this black pouch like thing a few times.
5) Re-attach cover.
6) Put screen up and turn computer on.
7) Hope you don't see the white screen of death again.

You also can try to unplug the video cable and give it a 360 degree twist and put it back and don't forget to check its tightness.

There's several temporary solution to this problem that is :
   1) The best option is to go to your power settings and make the options that when you close the lid and set
        it'do nothing'. Does this on your battery and A/C settings then when your screen goes white all you have
        to do is close it and open it back over and over again until the white screen dissapear. This seems to
        work but it will eventually get worse and your screen may have to be replaced.


  1. I actually did as described above and fixed an Acer 4710.

    Additionally I removed a small magnet located under the lid cover (remove 6 screws under rubber placers and lift the lid), which I found next to the video cabling. This could have affected the video signal negatively. Lets see how long this fix lasts….

    1. Make sure the cable tightly connected... :)

  2. and this is for acer mini laptops? or what ever cause mines went white this morning while i was sleeping :/

    1. Hello, the solution above is for white screen problem... Why i put Acer in the title is because Acer laptop always have white screen...

  3. hey does this work on aspire one mini laptop?

    1. Hello Chris,
      As I mentioned in the comment above, this method can be applied to any laptop with white screen problem... Why I put Acer there, is because Acer has the highest probability of getting white screen... :)

  4. yes a faulty cable connection can be considered as one of the reason, but there is also a possibility that the LCD inverter is not functioning well thats why the screen is turning white due to lack or not enough power to supply and make the LCD work thats why you can test it by connecting a external monitor if you have one at home or borrow one if possible and just switcch to it by holding the laptop Fn key + F5 that controls the LCD to External monitor functionality.


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