Friday, January 13, 2012

Download Torrent Without P2P software

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Alternatives to TORRIFIC.COM

See methods below for the tricks to get resumable link in :

A trick if you dont get resume capability :
first click free download [open in a new tab]
--- you will get an error telling that some sites doesn't allow.....

then again click free download
--now it will download your file[resume capability- Unknown]

now..cancel your download and again click free download..
--now you have resume capability.. :D


Probably some of you already know about what I'm talking about right? Or did you not believe me when I said we can download a TORRENT File using a download manager? Believe me! We can download a Torrent without using the default p2p software.I know that there're some of people out there who still don't know about this method, I recommend YOU to try it because it's more convenient than downloading using a Utorrent,
bittorrent or any software with the same function because it's faster.

***Note : For your information, this website offer FREE and PREMIUM(10$ per month), if you choose to
remain as free user, you only can convert maximum 1GB TORRENT File at a time. At peak time, there'll
be waiting time before your file is ready. Usually, if you use this website at 5pm-7pm, your file should be
ready in no time. Remember this, MORE SEED THE FASTER YOUR FILE READY! :)***

Okay guys and girls, I want to introduce you to a WEBSITE called TORRIFIC.COM. What's so special about this website? It helps you to convert your TORRENT file(in a way), so that you can DOWNLOAD IT by using DIRECT Download Method(Simply Click on the LINK) and your download will begin. In addition, you can use Internet Download Manager to boost your download speed. Isn't it great?

One more thing, I'm a free user now as I can't afford to pay yet. What do I do if I need to download a TORRENT with the size more than 1GB? Let say I want to download HEROES Season 2 (4.5GB). I can't use TORRIFIC.COM as I exceed the free user limit right? So, what I actually do is, I find the TORRENT File which contain only 1 Episode(1 Episode less than 1GB so I can use TORRIFIC.COM! YEAH!).So I hope you like this website!

To start converting your TORRENT and DIRECT DOWNLOAD your TORRENT File today, the only thing you must do is REGISTER and LOGIN. How to begin your task? you can refer below.

1st - Go to >>> You will arrive to the page below. (Don't forget to register and LOGIN)

2nd - After Register + Login, you can start using TORRIFIC.COM

Make sure the link that you put in the box is the download link of the TORRENT File. If not, it will prompt : your link is not a valid torrent link.

3rd - Click the "INITIATE BitTorrent Transmission"

4th - Finally, After the files loaded and ready, you can start your download

That's ALL from me! Have fun downloading!


  1. Another site you can use which provide the same service as is

    1. Extra Info :
      1) You can use downloaded torrent file in this website(in case you can't find the download link of the specified torrent)

      2) There's a box to paste the exe file link. You can download exe file? I havn'e tried this yet. So, anyone of you who already tried please leave a comment. :)


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