Thursday, January 12, 2012

External Monitor can't use Maximum Resolution

Laptop Problem

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Dear all,

I hope that the solution I presented here worked for you.

Solution 1 : 
Go to the link below if you are using Laptop with Intel Graphic Card.

Basically what you must do is switch from clone to single display mode.

Solution 2 :
I took the power out on the screen (the cable, don't actually click the button, just rip the cable out, as it'll force a reset, since it's memory that controls the screen can't follow without power). When it restored it automatically chose 1920x1080. 

Solution 3 : 
The monitor's refresh rate some how got set to 200 Hz refresh rate.
Changed the monitors refresh rate back down to 60 Hz and it fixed the problem.

Note : Before when the monitor's refresh rate was set to 200 Hz, the monitor never went over 1024x768.
After we set it down to 60 Hz, the monitor correctly went to 1920x1200.  

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  1. My custom 945gm driver. Use it at your own risk.

    >>> <<<

    I'm using it on dell inspiron 6400.
    I wasn't be able to get over 1024x768 with all the other original 945gm drivers no matter what I do.
    But finally I managed to fix it by making my own gfx driver.
    well, the site is:

    >>> <<<<

    you can download the software to make your own driver or just try the one I'm using at the moment(1st link).

    I didn't test it at all yet, but for the 2nd day its still working: 1920x1080 on LG 22" LED(E2250V).
    You'r gonna be able to use 1 external(vga) monitor and the laptop display, both can be modified seperately.
    NO tv out!

  2. Here's how I fixed the same problem... If you go into screen resolution (right click on the desktop) click on advanced settings and there might be a tab (if you have an ATI graphics controller like my HP G62 laptop) marked ATI Catalyst TM Control Center!
    Whatever..! If you run this wizard using the basic, easy mode it allows you to set up the monitors to dual or single external etc and of course set the resolution. It worked for me and allowed me to turn off my laptop screen too and just use the 23" HD res monitor I added. Btw I first installed the HP monitor drivers from the CD that came with the external screen - before I came up against this issue..

  3. Here's how I fixed it. I went to my desktop, right click, went to properties, settings, advanced, monitor tab, and unchecked the box that said to not show resolutions higher than my laptop could display.


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