Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Is it necessary to have Cooling Pad for laptop?

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Dear all,

This blog post is meant for those who wonder whether cooling pad is necessary or not for their laptop and for those with new laptops and they worried about laptop overheating. Actually, its a rare case for a new laptop to overheat unless you deliberately block all the air-vent of your laptop.

One way to accidentally block your laptop air-vent system is by putting your laptop on a mattress. One thing to remember, don't put your laptop on top of soft object such as pillow, sofa and etc. It just takes a minute to make your laptop overheat. What overheat can do to your baby? If you're lucky, nothing happen. But, if otherwise, your laptop motherboard may suffer damage and this may cost greatly to you.

Note : If your laptop motherboard fries, please consider buying a new laptop. I believe most cases where you need to replace a motherboard, usually it cost almost 50%-60% of the new laptop.

Let us return to the discussion about needing a cooling pad or not? For your information, there's two main processor most laptop use nowadays that is an Intel processor and AMD. Good news for Intel Processor
laptop, overheating rarely happen unless your laptop are already old(the fans all covered in dust reducing its effectiveness) and as I said before, you purposely block the air vent.

AMD processor on the other hand is a fast processor. A speed doesn't come without a price. More speed means more heat generated. For me, Laptop with AMD processor better to have a cooling pad. Not all cooling pad will be effective, but, if you want to see a difference in temperature drop, you better use an aluminium cooling pad. It cost more than a plastic cooling pad but it's far more effective than a plastic cooling pad as it absorb the heat and transfer it fast.

Other factor that cause temperature to increase is Graphic Card. There's two type of graphic card that people often look for.
2) ATI

The cases is the same as the processor. ATI Graphic Card generate more heat than NVIDIA as it is faster than NVIDIA if you compare product with the same benchmark. I myself using ASUS K50IN with Intel Core2Duo Processor + NVIDIA GeForce102M Graphic Card and ASUS K50AB with AMD Turionx2 + ATI Radeon Graphic Card. Both of the laptop have the same specification but the difference lies in the processor and Graphic Card. I can feel the ASUS K50AB is faster than ASUS K50IN but it always high in temperature and makes me sweat whenever I play(I compare with the same games-eg. Need For Speed MW).
ASUS K50IN on the other hand never gives me heat problem. I always comfortable working with this laptop even without Cooling Pad. All I need to do to maintain its temperature is put the laptop on hard surface and make sure nothing block the air vent. I've tried running my laptop 2 days nonstop and this(ASUS K50IN) never overheat.

As a conclusion, actually, whether you need to use cooling pad or not is depends on your laptop processor and Graphic Card and also your laptop air-vent system. Remember, a good laptop always comes with a good ventilation system, so, only buy a cooling pad if you think it really necessary. I forgot to add 1 thing, the surrounding of the laptop may also affect the heating of your laptop. So, you might also considering your surrounding condition.

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