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Compaq Laptop Audio Dissappear after restart (Compact CQ35, CQ40, CQ41)

Laptop Problem

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Note : Please try this in case it work for you.(Provided that you
           already install sound driver = speaker no sound but
           earphone have sound) Follow procedure below.

Procedure : 
1) Click Start > on search column type "service" > choose services >
    then windows will ask your permission click continue >
    then search for Audio Service > Right Click > choose Restart
    This will restart the Audio Service. 


###Note : This guide is made specifically for Compact CQ35, CQ40, and CQ41###

First Part : Installing a Sound Driver for your Compact Laptop

Requirement : 
MS-UAA Bus Driver for HD Audio

MS-UAA (Windows XP SP3)

IDT High Definition Audio CODEC (18.82MB)

Hotfix kb888111.exe

HDMI Driver

Procedure :
1. Install MS-UAA for HD Audio first and restart.
2. Install IDT High Definition Audio Codecs.
3. If "New Hardware Found" Windows doesn't appear install Hotfix kb888111.exe
4. If the “Found New Hardwrae” already appear, choose:
1) “Install from a list or specific location (Advance)”

2) click NEXT and select, “Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install

3) click NEXT and select “Sound, Video and Game Controllers

4) click NEXT and browse to “C:\SWSetup\SP39671\WDM\WinXP” and select
5) click OK and and PROCEED.
5. Install HDMI. - for AMD model only

6)  "Found New Hardware" windows should appear, select UPDATE and select Specific
      Location, NEXT, Dont Choose, NEXT, All Drivers, NEXT, browse to
      “C:\SWSetup\sp39545” and select “Intel(R) High Definition Audio HDMI”, the sound
      Should be working now.

Second Part : 

IF : After you restart, THE SOUND IS GONE, 

We need to do a little extra task. Hopefully it solves your problem :). There's 2 Way,
1) We create a audiopatch.bat file on the desktop and need to run it everytime we turn on the laptop to turn
    on the sound.
2) Advance method. This is a continuation to Step 1-If you tired of running the audiopatch.bat everytime you turn on your laptop.

For the First Method :
Requirement : 

Procedure :
1) Open "Notepad" and paste the following line :


2) Name the Notepad as "audiopatch.bat", and save it on the "Desktop"
3) Create a file name "patch" in your c:\  directory if the file doesn't exist.
    How? Open Drive C in My Computer, Right Click > New > Folder (Name the folder as "patch".
4) Copy the audiopatch.bat that you saved on your Desktop and paste it inside the "patch" folder that
    you've created.
5) The Hardware ID may differ. so you need to check it manually.

How to Check ? Follow Procedure below...

a) Open device manager by click start, select run(or simply Windows Button + R) and type: DVMGMT.MSC (its not case sensitive)

b) Right click at your Audio Drivers and select Properties.

c) Select Details.

d) Select Hardware ID by expanding the Device description Drop down menu.

e) Your Hardware ID is the line which has been circle in red as shown in picture below.
    Note : Please don't freak out. The Hardware ID below is only example.
    Right click on it and select Copy then paste it replacing the red color:

6) After you have your Hardware ID and the audiopatch.bat file ready inside the folder C:\patch\,
7) Extract file devcon.exe, copy \i386\devcon.exe to the C:\patch\ (in the folder where you save the
8) Right click on the audiopatch.bat > Send to > Desktop, whenever you start your computer, you need to
    double click on it(in other word run the audiopatch.bat file), the sound should work.

For The Second Method : Advance
1) Open "RUN" (Windows Button + R) or Click Start > Run and type "REGEDIT" (not case sensitive).
2) Find This String : 
3) Now, Click on the Run Folder, and you will see like picture below. Right click > Choose String Value
    as shown in picture below.
4) Rename the string into "audiopatch".
5) Double click on the audiopatch that you just renamed and create in step 3 and 4.
6) On the value data, write c:\patch\audiopatch.bat
7) Done, now you don't need to run the audiopatch.bat everytime you turn on your laptop.

Thanks for reading the guide... If there's any thing that I missed and do wrong, please comment and correct me. Also, please send a feedback whether this method working for you and state your Compact laptop model.

For The Second Version of solution to No sound after restart,  Fix Compaq Laptop No Sound After Restart(For all Compaq).

Credits : 
Black-x for the complete guide on how to restore a missing sound to your Compact Laptop.


  1. this also happen to me shortly after a windows update. i restored my computer. it fixed it. i will NOT be downloading the update!

    1. It's good to hear that you manage tosolve your problem...^^ Thanks for leaving a comment behind... I too, never allow the windows update because sometimes it bring more harm than good... hehehe...


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