Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bypass Firewall and Play Online Games

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Dear all,
Today I will share about how to play online games in your school. As you probably already realize, your school institution set a certain Firewall to block all online games from connecting to the respective server. For example, Garena, Ragnarok Online, Rakion, Gunbound, Age of Empire and many more. 

   I believe everyone of us have a right to choose what we want, correct? So, why the institution itself block the specific part of things that we like? Enough of that blabbering. Let us continue to work on how to bypass the firewall so that we can play any online game we desired.

Step 1 :  
Go to HOME register an account there, then download the software And Install it. 
Keep The Web Site User Name & Password As you Will Use It Later To Log into The Program.
Step 2 :
Step 3 :
Setting up your-freedom Program:
    a) When u first launches it u will get welcome screen press next.
    b) Proxy server screen: leave it empty and press next
    c) Connection tweaks: don't choose anything just press next
    d) Select protocols: check all but leave CGI relays unchecked
    e) It will start searching for available servers wait for it to finish.
    f) Now search results are organized according to speed. The servers with 10.0 are the best for your
       location. but if its for an online game US servers u will want to choose a us server with best connectivity.
    g) After its done searching select the server then press next.
    h) You will be prompted next to put your user name and Password(the ones you registered earlier at the
        web site)
    i) Then simply press start connection.

Step 4 :
Setting up Proxifier :
    a) go to options >> proxification rules > select process only the following + manually proxified
        then press add > rule name is the program u want to run Garena/Ragnarok or whatever it is that you
        want > press add again. And choose the .exe file of the program or game. Then press ok.

    b) Open proxifier >> go to options > proxy settings, click Add > in address type local host > in port
        type (1080) > choose socks v5.
    c) Go to options again >> name resolution > choose locally then remotely. Then press ok.

Thats it!!! You ROCK!!! 


  1. One more way to bypass firewall...

    Download both “HTTP-TUNNEL” and “Socks Cap” before you start.

    Download HTTP-Tunnel

    Download Socks Cap

    Choose the free version of HTTP-TUNNEL, as you do not need the paid version for your purposes.

    When installing the programs, do not change any of the default settings. The programs will automatically detect what settings are necessary for your computer and network, and changing these could cause some problems that prevent the software from running properly.

    Step 1)
    Run HTTP-TUNNEL and select “Use free service”. It will automaticly connect to free gateway.

    Step 2)
    Run Sockcap, press OK to use Trial. When window opens, Press Add, and find the program game executable located on your computer. Add it to your list of Sockcap.

    Step 3)
    Run your MMO through Sockcap (Doubleclick on icon of the MMO in Sockcap window).

    Step 4)
    Your MMO is now using random proxy.

  2. mcafee blocks the http-tunnel site.. cant download it..

    as for the original message: is there any way to do this without proxifier? it only gives you a 31-day free trial and mine is way over.. can't uninstall and then install it again.. still wants to make me pay money I don't have.

    also, the game I'm trying to play here in my dorm room (on the university's internetz, which has one motherf*cker of a firewall) is lord of the rings online.. but I have like 5 exe files for it, how do I know which is the right one?

    I should probably give up and resort to gaming on weekends only.. :(

    1. Hello there... We as student might not be able to do anything to bypass the university firewall as they(Tech guys) always block our alternatives to bypass their firewall...

      I can't even use these method in my university now(Our Tech Guys Block all Proxy Website)-Basically I'm helpless-... So sad...

      Simplest and easiest way is to buy ourselves a broadband...

      Is there anyway to do this without a proxifier?
      to be honest, I don't know... There are method to bypass the firewall... But the method is just to complicated to be done unless you are indeed have the knowledge about networking... (Absolutely not me : Atleast not now)

      To answer your question, which one of 5 of the exe file should you choose?

      "FYI, I never play The Lord Of The Ring online before"
      So my suggestion is try all of the exe file... It wont bring damage to anything...

  3. what should i do if freedom server found 0 ways to connect?

  4. To bypass firewalls and to Unblock Games at School i use "Hotspot Shield" free VPN, because it it is reliable, fast and allows you to go beyond school or office filters and firewalls.

    1. Thx Anna it was a great help to me.
      Working fantastic..!!
      thx a lot..

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