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Repair Corrupted Rar File

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No one will not feel frustrated when the rar file that they download appear to be corrupted right? Moreover if the file need to be combine with other rar file. These case always happen when you are downloading games installer from the internet. Computer games usually have 80 or more part. These file need several hours to complete depending on your internet speed.

For me, my average download speed is 150kbps-300kbps which is consider very slow in other country. To download such number of files required several minutes / hours. Maybe 10 Hours straight download if i'm lucky. The thing is, sometimes, some part may be corrupted and this is unfair to us(the downloader). I've been through this corrupted things several times.  Is there any way to fix this corrupted rar file?

Yes and No. Yes, there's a way and that depends on the maker of the rar file and if he/she enable the recovery record, then you can fix the corrupted file.
No. If the maker of the rar file didn't include the recovery record.

If the rar file recovery record present, then your task is simple. You can start the process right away. How to check whether the recovery record present? Right Click on the Specific Rar files. For example PES2012.Part1.rar. Right Click on it > Properties > Archive tabs > See Recovery Record. If it says there "Absent" then you are in bloody bad luck.

Assuming the Recovery Record of the Specific RAR files is PRESENT. What we need to do?

Procedure :
1) Open the Corrupted RAR File > Tools > Repair Archive (ALT + R)
2) Choose your Save Directory of the recovered Corrupted RAR files.
3) The Fixed Corrupted RAR files will be named  "rebuilt.yourfilename.part1.rar", so you need to edit the
    name to the original name. :)

That's how you do it.

Now, the case where the Recovery Record is Absent.
I've never try this method on multiple part rar files. So, I welcome anyone of you to try this. Use the First Part(Main File of the Multiple part rar - Usually the fist part is the main rar file). Just follow the steps below.
Please report back if this method worked on multiple part rar files.

Right Click on the Corrupted Rar File, and Click Extract Files...

You see, the trick is to tick the Keep Broken File. So, it will keep the broken file eventhough its corrupted. Many times this has happen on folder with installation file and Video. So, this method will work. Down't worry.:) I have done this before with my RO Online Corupted RAR files. It worked.

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