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Slipstream Service Pack 3 into Windows XP Installation Disc

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Requirement : 
1) nLite Software - Download
2) A copy of Windows XP (Pirated or non pirated - Preferably Genuine)
3) Latest Service Pack (Service Pack 3 for Windows XP) - Download HERE - English Version

Procedure : 
Part 1 :
1) First thing you need to do is Copy the content of Windows XP CD into a Folder in Desktop
    (To make your life easier).
2) Download and Install nLite to your computer.
3) Download the Service Pack 3 from the link given above. (File Size = 316MB)

Part 2 :
Follow the screenshot below. Note : I'm using Windows 7 while doing this process.

1) Open nLite

2) Choose Folder which you paste the content of your Windows XP CD.

3) You will see as below after browsing the folder. In my case, I put the Folder inside D:\Windows XP SP2

4) Click Next. Ignore this Windows.

5) Click the Service Pack and Bootable ISO as shown below. The Red Dot Should Turn Green After you
    Click on it.

6) Browse for the
This is the 316MB.exe file that you've downloaded. (Note : Don't Run the exe)
After you choose the exe file, nLite will automatically integrate the service pack 3.
It will prompt : Previous HotFix Detected, do you want to remove it? for me, I choose YES.

7) Now you can choose to select Direct Burn or Create Image. Choose which one you prefer.

8) FINISH!!!

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  1. Interesting tutorial - thanks! As a computer repair technician this could save me a lot of time on XP installs (which is a weekly chore!) :-)

    1. Thanks for commenting... I hope this guide can guide people even though its not a complete guide.

      In this post I didn't put the tweaking guide and the guide to integrate Internet Explorer 7 into the windows XP Installation Disc which we are trying to create(I believe people will straight install Firefox / other web browser without even look at IE T_T). Will update this post in the future.




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