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Repair Corrupted Hard Drives / Pendrives

Laptop Problem

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Dear readers,

      Can you imagine when suddenly your USB thumb drive or external Hard Disk that contain your most precious DATA that you rather die if it suddenly can’t be opened like usual and it says “Corrupted”?????? Well here is a few things you can do before reformatting your thumb drive/external hard disk.
      I tell you this, even though your computer said “Can’t Access, Corrupted Data” etc. Your Data still can be rescued and it means it’s not necessarily lost, isn't that a relief? Though many of us who encounter this “CORRUPTED Drive” Situation will always click on the “Format” Button.

Before you CLICK on the FORMAT Button!!!

Try This…

1st STEP
Open the RUN windows. (Window Button + r)

2nd STEP
Type “cmd” without the “”. then enter.

3rd STEP
On The Command line, Type


The letter “E” on the command above is your HARD drive letter.(Can Check in MY COMPUTER)
Then Finally Just PRESS “ENTER”.

Note :
If it say "window found error on the disk but will not repair the error because the checkdisk command was run without the /f = fix parameter, 

Convert lost chain to file? <Y/N>
You should type  "y" WITHOUT THE QUOTE, which means YES and press enter.
After its finish(DEPENDING ON HOW LARGE YOUR HARD DRIVES), you should be able to access your external disk or usb disk. And most important is you get your data back!!!

Good Luck!!!



  1. In case you can't run the chkdsk @ command prompt "cannot open volume for direct access."

    Follow steps below(For XP User) :

    If you have a bootable install cd for XP run chkdsk from the recovery console:

    Set your PC BIOS to boot from CDROM, Boot from the CD
    Select the first option R Repair/Recovery Console
    Select your Windows partition by number (usually 1)
    Login to XP with administrator password
    Run CHKDSK /P from the command line

    Rinse and Repeat until no errors are shown, run CHKDSK /P :X for each drive letter (X)

    Note : If you receive this error message "Setup did not find any hard disk drives in your computer." then you must change the HDISK SETTING IN YOUR BIOS FROM SATA -> AHCI ...

    For Compact Laptop or any laptop that doesn't have the HDISK Setting, you must have Windows XP CD Integrated with SATA Driver. How to make that CD???

    Go HERE >>>

    How to check which SATA Driver you need to use???

    Go HERE >>>

    Wish you a very GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. The Recovery console and chkdsk /p worked like a charm.

    I had another issue though, when I tried to run chkdsk, it kept asking me for the location of the autochk.exe file.

    I didn't know where this was, but I found it in cwindows\i386 folder.
    This is a crappy HP desktop machine, but I'm guessing if anyone else has this problem, you can do the following to ensure chkdsk runs without that autochk.exe error.

    When you finally get into the recovery console, and you've selected your XP installation,
    "Usually cwindows" you're presented with a cwindows\ prompt.

    From here, use the CD command to get up into the i386 folder.
    "cd i386"
    Now your prompt should read

    Now you can run chkdsk /p or /r to your heart's delight. (P checks even if drive is not flagged dirty and R locates bad sectors and recovers readable information [implies /p]

    Good luck, and thanks guys for the help!

  3. Thanks! Save my day with a Hitachi 1TB usb external hd.

    I really wanna know why doesnt windows let me do this from explorer????

    [ ]s

    Ricardo - from Brasil!!!!

  4. hi,
    I have iball 4gb pen-drive,
    the pen drive is corrupted,
    every time i insert my drive, it asks me to format it, and after trying to do so, it says that the disk is write protected..
    i tried using chkdsk...
    it says that the type of file system is RAW, chkdsk is not available for RAW drivers.. what do i do?

    1. Use HP USB Format Utility. You can use it
      Its helpful and Free to download. - check this link
      HP USB Format Utility

  5. thanks for the steps..i bought one pen drive and it didnt work..hopefully this will help..

  6. Thank you so much for the help. My hd now works! :) Took a while though cause of the size but it works! :)

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